DIY Double-Sided Christmas Gift Tags


The Christmas season has well and truly set in. One of the great joys of Christmas is wrapping up gifts for other people!

I love to make sure my gifts look super pretty under the Christmas tree, and that’s why I love making my own cute gift tags! Say goodbye to: “To: Jimmy,Β From: Belinda”Β written straight on the wrapping paper in black vivid all wrinkly and wobbly… (yes, that’s how it used to be (and still kinda is) in our family)…


This is an actual gift under the tree this year, from my twin sister to my dad πŸ˜…

and say hello to homemade, cute and personalised gift tags!!

All you need is some pretty patterned paper, washi tape or ribbon, bits and bobs to stick on (like buttons, beads, jewels, cute stickers or even more washi tape or ribbon), glue (I used a glue stick and also ended up using some nail polish to stick down a particularly heavy decoration πŸ˜‚), scissors, hole punch, string, a ruler other measuring tape, and a good Christmas music playlist (optional but highly recommended)!

Then you need to cut out your gift tag shapes (I’ve got all the measurements and everything in more detail down below), and also cut out some Christmas-y shapes to stick on one side of your gift tags (I cut out Christmas trees, gingerbread men and candy canes; you could also cut some Santa faces, Christmas stockings, bells, holly; even some personalised shapes – for example, for a hedgehog lover you could cut out a hedgehog shape (can I have that one, please? πŸ™‹) – whatever suits you!).


Then you’ll need to glue a gift tag shape in the same patterned paper to the back of one of your tags, and stick your shape to other side. You’ll decorate this side with washi tape or ribbon. Now, flip around to the other side: here’s where you’ll stick on one of your bits and bobs, and you’ll write who the gift is for and who it’s from. Then, using the hole punch, punch a hole at the top, thread some string through, and attach to your gift. It’s that simple!

They’re so easy, fun and relaxing to make, and soooo pretty! Your gifts will be the first pick from under the Christmas tree with these gorgeous tags attached to them!


DIY Double-Sided Christmas Gift Tags

What you’ll need:


  • A mixture of different patterned papers
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used a glue stick and even some nail polish for those harder-to-stick objects)
  • Washi tape or ribbon
  • Bits and bobs to stick on (such as buttons, beads, jewels, cute stickers or even more washi tape or ribbon)
  • Pen
  • Hole punch
  • String
  1. For your first tag, select two pieces of paper that compliment each other. Choose one to be the background and the other to be the cutout shape that you stick on (the paper of the cutout will also be the back of the tag, which you will write the recipient’s and the giver if the gift’s names – so make sure that this paper is suitable for you to write on! ☺)
  2. Onto your background piece of paper, measure out and draw your gift tag shape. First, draw a rectangle with the dimensions of ycmΓ—ycm.DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-2
  3. Then, from the very centre of the top edge of the rectangle, mark 0.5cm out from each side. This is where you will begin cutting the corners of to create the gift tag shape.DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-3
  4. Take your scissors and cut the top two corners off your gift tag (see photos to see what shape you’re aiming for).DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-4DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-5
  5. Cut out another shape identical to this gift tag shape onto your other chosen piece of paper – this will be the back of your tag which you will write on. You can use your original gift tag shape to trace around so that you don’t have to do the measurements again! πŸ˜‰DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-7
  6. Next, with the same piece of paper, cut out a Christmas-y shape of your choice (think Christmas trees, bells, candy canes – whatever you want! You could also personalise the tags by cutting out personalised shapes – if the gift if for a builder, for example, you could cut out a hammer!), making sure it will fit onto your gift tag.DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-6
  7. Take your glue out and glue both gift tag shapes together, back-to-back. Then glue your cut-out shape onto the opposite side of the gift tag. Stick a bit of ribbon or washi tape to the base of the tag, underneath this shape. Now flip the tag around and glue one of your stick-ons to the base of the tag on this side (isn’t that Santa just soooo adorable! It fell off one of my hair ties when I was little. It just hung around in my drawer for many years, until now!).DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-9
  8. Using your pen, write the recipient’s name and the gift-giver’s name on the tag, next to your stick-on.DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-10
  9. Using your hole punch, punch a hole in the top of the tag.DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-11
  10. To attach to your gift, simply thread the hole of the tag through a piece of string you will tie around your gift, and secure it with a bow.DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-13
  11. Repeat until you have your desired number of gift tags!DIY-Double-Sided-Christmas-Gift-Tags-17


These DIY Double-Sided Christmas Gift Tags are the cutest way to take your gifts to the next level. By simply making your own gift tags, it will show everyone that you care. You made the effort to make Christmas that much more special! Everyone will be eyeing up the gifts with the pretty, sparkly tags under the tree – I’ll assure you!


If you make these gift tags, I’d love to know how they turn out! Tag me @thatgreenolive on Instagram to show me your creations!

Merry Christmas!!


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