DIY Personalised 2018 Calendar


It’s honestly the SADDEST thing taking down all the Christmas decorations! The house looks bare now, and the corner where the Christmas tree used to be looks odd without its cheery counterpart.

(You may know my entire year is spent looking forward to Christmas; counting down the months, saying, “in 5 months today, it’ll be Christmas!”, deciding what I’m going to make for gifts and food, of course… I’m literally Christmas-obsessed. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„)

But just around the corner is 2018 (and that means yet another Christmas to look forward to!)


2017 has been a big year for me, and a big year that I’m grateful for. I’ve had soooo much happen in this past year, and they’re all things that have helped me learn and grow. From shaving my head for leukaemia (watching the progress in my hair growth ever since has actually been really funΒ πŸ˜…), to going vegan, 2017 has been a HUGE year of learning experiences. I can only hope that next year, I’ll be able to put my newfound lessons into action to make it the best year yet!

(Literally what I say every year, but you know… πŸ‘)



So anyway, I’d say that like any year, 2018 needs to be kickstarted with enthusiasm, anticipation and a positive attitude. I don’t know about you, but my boring, grey walls aren’t looking too positive and enthusiastic at the moment. So for those bare, sad walls of yours that are aching for decorations (that sadly aren’t Christmas-themed), why not jazz up the house a little with a DIY Personalised 2018 Calendar?


Yes, this is a calendar that is super easy to make, and you can personalise it with your own photos, favourite colours, style, and days to celebrate. Now that’s a perfect way to make sure your year is filled with happiness! I mean, every time you find yourself looking at the calendar, you’ll also be looking at photos of memories and happy times!


So let’s get to it!


DIY Personalised 2018 Calendar

What you’ll need:


  • Photos*
  • 12 pieces of 30cm square card**
  • Coloured or patterned paper
  • Washi tape or ribbon
  • Coloured pencils or pens
  • Black pen or fine-tipped marker
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Bits and bobs to stick onto your calendar (stickers, embellishments, etc.)
  • Clip with a hook, to hang your calendar
  1. Decide which photos you want to use for each month, and arrange them with a coloured pencil/pen (of course, you could use the same coloured pencil/pen throughout the calendar, if you wish!) and stick-ons.
  2. Draw a border of 5mm from the edge right around one of your pieces of card with a coloured pencil/pen. Remember to use the month’s assigned colour (this will be January’s) that you decided in the previous step.DIY-Personalised-2018-Calendar-2
  3. Now, measure 15cm in from the bottom of one of your pieces of cards, and draw a horizontal line across the 15cm mark, from one side of the card to the other. This will divide your card into two – one half for the photos, the other for the calendar grid.
  4. To draw your grid, draw vertical columns with intervals of 4cm in the bottom half of your card. Then, draw horizontal rows with intervals of 3cm over top of your columns. This will create the grid.DIY-Personalised-2018-Calendar-4
  5. Take your black pen or marker, and write the names of the days (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) along the top row. Then, using the same pen/marker, write numbers on the grid for each day (2018 starts on a Monday, so that’s easy! Just plonk number 1 in the very first box in the grid!), making sure to start on the same row that your day names are on (I made the mistake of writing numbersΒ under the row with the day names. This meant that I had to cut some of the boxes in half because I ran out of room to give each number it’s own box. However, I did pick up on that and start writing the numbers in the correct places halfway through the calendar! If you’re super confused about what I’m saying, just look at the photo for Step 4 or the first photo in this post and you’ll get what I meanΒ πŸ™‚).DIY-Personalised-2018-Calendar-3
  6. Fill in any important dates and decorate with some washi tape/ribbon so that they stand out! Include dates such as birthdays, New Year, Christmas (of course I decorated Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with one long piece of washi tape!), etc.DIY-Personalised-2018-Calendar-7
  7. Now, create your art! Decide on an arrangement for your photos, coloured/patterned paper, washi tape/ribbon and stick-ons. Then, glue your arrangement down onto the top half of your card.DIY-Personalised-2018-Calendar-6
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 with your remaining pieces of card.
  9. Stack your pieces of paper so that they are in order according to their months. Make sure that your stack is even! Now, attach your clip to the top of your calendar.DIY-Personalised-2018-Calendar-9
  10. To hang the calendar on your wall, use a wall hook and attach the clip’s hook to it. When it comes to changing the pages for each month, simply un-clip the calendar, move the previous month’s page to the back, put the clip back on and hang the calendar back up.



*I had 2-3 photos for each month. For the sizing, I fit nine equally-sized photos on one Word document and printed them that way. Of course, you can choose how many photos to print – just make sure that they are sized appropriately so that they will fit inside the box at the top of each month’s page!

**I literally just ripped 12 pieces of card from a scrapbook I found lying around in my wardrobe! Any sort of card will do – just make sure that it is roughly 30cm square so that you will be able to use the measurements given in the method!



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