Raw Carob, Lemon and Ginger Sesame-Crusted Logs


Christmas and logs go together like carob and lemon (or peanut butter and jam, or apple and cinnamon – whatever your mojo is)!


Maybe that’s what sparked the idea for these Raw Carob, Lemon and Ginger Sesame-Crusted Logs – because I seriously don’t know what did (I know right – I really should know the ideas behind my recipes but this one just didn’t come with one. It was one of those recipes that just happened✌️).


The story:

I found myself bored and decided to whip out the food processor and make some energy bars. But that idea soon changed.

My idea of bars was upgraded to logs, and soon I was rolling cylinders of a deliciously fragrant mixture in sesame seeds and setting aside these irresistible shapes *that don’t remind of geometry at all*, ready to be photographed!


(Yeah – the reason why I changed from bars to logs was actually because that would make them easier to coat in sesame seeds – imagine trying to press sesame seeds into them if they were bars! But forming logs, however, makes sense. You just roll and set aside. Roll and set aside. It’s great, right?Β πŸ˜‚)


But besides from easy to make, these logs are SO GOOD!! They’re sweet, zesty and taste like they belong in a Christmas lolly store, yet they’re teeming with nutrients!

They contain no sugar, no flour, no soy, dairy, or eggs. They’re sweetened only with dates, and the use of nuts, seeds and coconut give these logs their texture and structure.


And that texture truly is amazing! Three of my favourite textures – fudge, chew and crunch – all meet to create an irresistible bite. And this texture paired with the undeniably good flavours of carob, lemon, ginger and sesame, these logs are the perfect snack!


But don’t limit the capability of these logs to only being snacks – I’ve been adding them to my morning smoothies for a punch of flavour and MAN, THEY’RE GOOD! Besides from this, I also love to crumble them over my breakfasts, add them to my breakfast buddha bowls – all the likes. You do you!


So if you’re looking for the perfect festive lunchbox filler (or breakfast adder-thingy) that’s quick, easy to make, packed with nutrients and energy AND packed with flavour and texture, then theseΒ Raw Carob, Lemon and Ginger Sesame-Crusted Logs are the recipe for you!


Raw Carob, Lemon and Ginger Sesame-Crusted Logs
Prep time
Total time
Cuisine: Christmas, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Refined Sugar-Free
Serves: 10 snack logs
  • 1 cup dates soaked overnight (or microwaved in hot water for 1 minute)
  • ¾ cup mixed seeds (I used sesame, sunflower and flax)
  • ¼ cup almonds
  • ½ cup coconut
  • ½ cup cashews
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tbsp carob powder
  • 1-2 tbsp shaved fresh ginger
  • 1½ tbsp lemon zest
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil softened
  • ½ cup sesame seeds for coating
  1. Blend everything except for the sesame seeds in a food processor until smooth but a little crunchy (if you know what I mean - you just want a texture that's easy to roll and form).
  2. Now form your mixture into 10 logs, and roll them in the sesame seeds until evenly coated (this is the fun part!).
  3. Now, devour!
These logs keep well in an airtight container stored in the refrigerator for up to 12 days.


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