“Remember December” Christmas Photo Challenge


December is my favourite month of the year. Partly because it’s the first month of summer, partly because it’s the beginning of the school holidays, but mostly because it’s CHRISTMAS!!

(Yes, I know I sound like a five year old but in reality, Christmas was awesome at five years old because I got presents, like stuffed toys and skipping ropes and pyjamas. NOW, I love Christmas for so many other reasons so please excuse the excited five-year-old-ish excitement for now πŸ™‚ )

The reasons I love Christmas are:

  • The Christmas spirit! I love the lights, the Santa hats, the tinsel, the decorations and the cute reindeer images everywhere.
  • I also love the Kiwiana Christmas spirit (hear me out – it’s not your usual Christmas spirit!) – summertime, jandals, pohutukawa trees, illustrated children’s books about kiwis instead of reindeer (omgggg that would be amazing!! πŸ˜„), blue skies, Christmas barbecues, gumboots, santa cruising along the highway in a Hawaiian shirt and and an old ute… the Kiwiana feel is REAL.
  • The food (DUH)
  • Hearing Christmas songs play on the radio and in almost every shop you walk into.
  • Getting crafty and making all sorts of Christmas gifts for people!
  • The anticipation followed by joy on people’s faces when they open the gifts I’ve worked so hard to make!
  • The unity and having the family altogether
  • Celebrating the birth of Jesus and reading the Christmas story!
  • And yes, maybe a little part of it is getting some awesome gifts, but don’t we all love to receive as well as give?Β πŸ˜‰


The Christmas season is AWESOME. Why would anyone NOT want to capture and remember it (emphasis on the “CAPTURE”)? Taking snaps to remember the year’s Christmas season is a DEFINITE way to remember the joy and fun times experienced throughout December!

Last year I took part in a Christmas photography challenge and absolutely LOVED it. The collection of photos I had taken totally summarised the Christmas season, and I get warm fuzzies every time I look through it!

Sooooo, that’s why I’ve created a Christmas challenge for you to take part in this year! There’s aThere's a photo task for each day of December, so you’ll have 31 photos in total. Each day’s task will challenge you to take a photo that corresponds to a theme, which means you can be creative about what and how you will photograph.

Plus, I will be hosting this photo challenge as an INSTAGRAM INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY + HASHTAG PARTY!!! So, if you’re taking part in this awesome photo challenge, you can be in to win one of TWO prizes (which are kept secret – in Secret Santa fashion!), and WILL be featured by me! All you need to do is post your photos to your Instagram page or to your stories, tag me and use the hashtag #TGOrememberdecember. Then, I’ll be able to see your photos and will share ALL of them in my stories! I may also share some of my faves on my Instagram page!!


So, let’s get into it!! I’ll go through the daily tasks here, so you know exactly what to do:



1. Warms Me Up/Cools Me Down

This is the time to indulge in hot drinks or comforting bowls of pumpkin soup – or, if you’re like me down in the Southern Hemisphere: cool down with a delicious punch, infused water or some nice cream! Now that’s the perfect way to kick off December!


2. Nature in the early hours

There’s something so peaceful and beautiful about getting amongst nature in the early hours of the morning – even if it’s just attentively watching the trees outside your window while having breakfast! The main point with this task is to observe nature when it’s peaceful all around!


3. Blessed

Gratitude is something we all need to possess – especially around Christmas time! When we’re enjoying ourselves during the Christmas season and watching the gifts slowly pile up under the Christmas tree, we need to stop and be grateful for this privilege. There are of course many others who undergo a lot of stress during the Christmas season (yes, I know you we all get stressed at this time of year but this is tiny compared to the stresses many other families will have!), and those who don’t get any gifts at all. So think about what you’re grateful for this season – a bed, a roof over your head or even your family. Just capture something you are grateful for!


4. Out & About

Get out and about! Take your dog for a walk, go Christmas shopping, go out for a meal or just explore what your town has to offer! This is a pretty simple one – just take a snap whenever you’re out and about!


5. Guilty Pleasure

Yes, didn’t we just indulge a few days ago? But indulging is one of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit, if you’ll ask me! Have a slice of gingerbread cake, eat a few squares of dark chocolate, or binge watch your favourite TV program. Whatever you do, take pleasure!


6. Shimmer & Sparkle

Tinsel, fairy lights, the sun glinting across the lake – there are many things that shimmer and sparkle during the Christmas season! Take a snap of something shimmery to give you that Christmas feeling!


7. A smile

Joy. It’s one word that just symbolises Christmas! Pay attention to the smiles you see today and take a snap of someone’s (or even your own!) smile for a joy booster!


8. What’s the Weather Doing?

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but here in New Zealand, I think we’re all hoping for a blue Christmas (blue skies, that is)! So whatever the weather’s doing, whetherΒ *ba-dum-tsss* it’s snowing, thundering, clear or cloudy, be sure to capture and remember it!


9. Me-Time

Christmas time seems to be all about the others. Buying presents for others, making food for others, sending cards to others. While this is awesome, as it gives you a feel of generosity and compassion for one another, we also need to stop and remember ourselves! So give yourself an at-home manicure, make yourself a super special turmeric latte, soak in a nice warm bath or go for a walk. Remembering to take care of yourself is vital!


10. Christmas Tree

Ahh, the good ol’ Christmas tree. It’s one of those things that you just HAVE to have in order to give your home a sense of Christmas! Take a photo of your super-snazzy decorating skills, or aim your focus at the pile of presents underneath. Anything goes, as long as it’s a Christmas tree!


11. Get Creative!

Yes!! Getting creative is seriously my FAVOURITE way to get into the Christmas spirit! IΒ love making decorations to put around the house, and I especially love making gifts for others! So get creative – whether it be in the kitchen, in the garden or with the sewing machine. It’s super relaxing and you’ll be so proud of yourself afterwards!


12. OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Don’t we all have that favourite outfit that just gives us a boost of confidence? Well, today’s the day to wear just that! Put on your favourite shirt, make your hair all pretty (which doesn’t apply to those of us who have pixiesΒ πŸ˜…), or wear those awesome heeled boots. You do you!


13. My Country’s Christmas Spirit

I LOVE the Kiwiana Christmas Spirit!!! It’s what really makes me feel proud to be a New Zealander! Pohutukawa trees and Norfolk Pines are the Christmas trees of New Zealand, and kiwis are our reindeer! The vibe here is so cool! Though your Christmas spirit may be snow, Christmas sweaters and huddling around the fireplace. The Christmas spirit looks different all over the world, and its beautiful to cature that!


14. A Loved One

It could be your best friend, your sister or your granddad. Take a snap of a loved one and remember why you are grateful for them!


15. My Fave Christmas Decoration

Mine would have to be the set of two minimalistic white, gold and silver tall triangle-shaped santas sitting on top of the family room cabinet. What’s yours? Have a think and take a snap!


16. Music

Christmas music never gets old. As soon as I hear Christmas songs playing at the supermarket, I know the season is near. Take a photo of the cover art for your favourite Christmas song, take a photo of a musical instrument, capture some Christmas lyrics, or even just capture your favourite song at the moment. Music is awesome, so let’s embrace it! (🎢 Christmas bells those Christmas bells, ringing through the land…🎢)


17. Festive Grub

Mm-mmm! One of my absolute favourite things about Christmas IS THE FOOD!! Gingerbread, Christmas cake, cherries, peppermint, potato salad (yes, potato salad. It’s basically a Christmas tradition in my family!)… I could go on all day. Make some festive grub for yourself today an don’t forget to photograph it before it hits your face.


18. Golden Hour

This is honestly a fool-proof time to take a gorgeous photo! Golden hour is the period just after the sun has risen, or just before the sun will set. It washes everything in a glorious golden hue, and the sun is visibly golden on the horizon. It’s soooo pretty at these times of day! So today, capture the moment when everything is golden!


19. Unity

Christmas and unity go together like gingerbread and lime (if you haven’t tried this combination, you ABSOLUTELY NEED TOO). It’s one of the joys of Christmas – having all the family and friends around and united! Photograph a special moment of unity today! (And hey, if nobody is scheduled to visit today, even having your cat sleeping next to you on the couch is definitely a form of unity!)


20. A Gift to be Given

What’s something you’ll be giving to someone this Christmas? Take a picture of a gift you’ve bought, made, or already wrapped up.


21. Laughter

Laughter is like an instant holiday. For a few seconds, you don’t know anything except for the fact that something is seriously funny. So capture one of those golden moments – every time you look at that photo you’ll get an instant boost of happiness!


22. Hat Weather

I never used to be a hat person, but ever since my hair went I’m totally a hat person! In winter I LOVE my beanies, and in summer I love my vintage sunhats! Wear a hat today that represents the season!


23. Lights

There are some neighbourhoods where literally every house is decorated head-to-toe with lights. Even the shrubs. My neighbourhood isn’t like that, sadly. But, it’s easy enough to go for a drive and explore the lights around town! Or even, take some time to decorate your own house, whether you want to go Christmas-crazy or the simple lights-on-the-tree. Take note of the lights around Christmas time!


24. What Christmas Means to Me

To me, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus. It also means, joy, unity, generosity, indulgence, and a time of much food. What does it mean to you? Capture a moment that sums up the importance of Christmas is your eyes!


25. Christmas Cheer!

IT’S CHRISTMASSSS!!!!!!!!πŸ™†πŸŽ‰Β πŸŽ‰Β πŸŽ‰Β  Sorry, for the excitement, but Christmas IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST DAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR. Today, whenever you have time, capture anything that happens this Christmas Day! Woo-hoo!


26. Gratitude

After a day of gift-giving, gift-receiving, and a lot of eating, Boxing Day is the perfect day to reflect and be grateful. What has really made this Christmas season?


27. Lazy Days

Yes, the food coma has hit. But not to worry – you’re allowed to be lazy today. Snuggle up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate, or relax on the beach. Embrace the day’s laze!


28. Try Something New!

As the New Year approaches, you must be thinking about all the things you want to accomplish next year. But why wait? Have a go at something new now! Take a shot at stretching for flexibility, try baking a multi-layer cake, or get your artistic side going with some painting. Whatever you do, make sure you try something new!Β πŸ˜‰


29. Where Are My Feet At?

That’s exactly it. All you need to do today is answer that question, in photo form. Take a photo of your feet on the way to the supermarket, the beach, or the dining table. Get moving!


30. Animal

Animals are awesome. They’re cute, mostly friendly, full of character and not much worry. Observe an animal today!

31. New Year’s Resolution

Yep, everyone has em’. What’s something you want to achieve over the upcoming year?

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